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  1. The Madison took on international flavor when Count Basie visited Columbus in 1959 and adopted the dance as a feature of his entertainment when he played London and the Continent, creating press notices in London.
  2. Both this and other press notices failed to mention that the " grefier " and the published author were one and the same, and the general public was for long unaware of any such connection.
  3. From 1945 to 1946 he toured with the Polish Opera Company in Canada, USA ( New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit ) performing main baritone roles in popular operas, continuing to receive glowing press notices.
  4. And it also got the goat of a number of Columbia people who let me know that they thought that, since we are a better institution, we ought to get at least reasonably comparable press notices.
  5. The building attracted daily press notices on its progress and the innovations Bylander used, from his standardized drafting methods, to the numbering system of parts, to the cranes used to lift the steel beams into place.
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