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  1. 'Warrawee'especially received enthusiastic press notices, emphasising the ladylike quality of the rose, said to be due to its being bred by a lady.
  2. It wasn't until late April before the mainstream South African press noticed that black farmworkers bore the brunt of most of the violence.
  3. In 1876 the claimant nominated him secretary to Junta de Generales, though contemporary press noticed his taking part in the 1877 pilgrimage to Zaragoza.
  4. Bess had to concur : " I . . . quite agree with you that Harry has had some pretty bad press notices lately.
  5. Riley joined Roogalator just before their September 1975 debut, and for a time it was his fame that attracted the band's first press notices.
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  7. Simms is lefthanded, his father won two Super Bowl rings with the Giants, and he may be every bit as good as his press notices.
  8. The series was already cast and production on initial episodes started when press notices announcing the upcoming series were published in TV columns during mid-May 1961.
  9. Even politicians favorably disposed to Bush, such as recently retired former California GOP chairman Michael Schroeder, warned against the governor relying on his currently strong press notices.
  10. Some of the antagonism from the brass stems from Rumsfeld's drive to eliminate many of their pet programs in his modernization dr; 2 to believe his own press notices.
  11. Box later wrote " the film finally opened to very good press notices and even better business, and the teething problems were forgotten as the tills started ringing sweet music.
  12. Despite her " tennis-anyone ? " cheeriness and fistful of generous press notices, Jennifer Grant has spent most of her acting career bobbing along at the edges of mainstream attention.
  13. Sometimes the whole world of terrorism reflects acts that are media-oriented, where the whole purpose is to get media attention and generate press notice of your movement and position and goals.
  14. The stamp had been distributed for less than half a day when an editor at SinoMaps Press noticed the mistake and reported it to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
  15. Among the press notices Stephen Murray-Smith said'Bernard Hesling is one of the funniest men in Australia and his stories are famous amongst the few who have been privileged to hear them.
  16. If for too many years the Chicago brass section has read its admiring press notices and responded loudly to them, there is in this recording almost a reverence before music and conductor.
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