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  1. Denver has much better quality that it brought to previous Super Bowls, the Thre Amigos'press notices notwithstanding.
  2. Smither began to re-emerge as a performer in the late 1970s, and gained a few press notices.
  3. Also, he was released in March, to little mainstream press notice that I could find right off.
  4. Although Kate had the lion's share of the press notices, Mabel was praised for a touching performance.
  5. If you think actors don't read their own press notices, Hal Holbrook is here to tell you otherwise.
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  7. It is difficult for Kerry to have an extended meeting with anybody without somebody in the press noticing.
  8. Burghauser mentions press notices in both cities, the first in the " New York Herald ", 18 December 1893.
  9. "Someone actually got press notice for her campaign to save'The Nanny .'I said,'Well, it's come to that . "'
  10. Despite all the talk about Keegan, it may be premature to start taking her national press notices too seriously.
  11. Few took much note of the doctor's absence until Dunne learned of the Clan situation, which had escaped press notice.
  12. The press noticed, so Harding repeated it throughout the campaign, which adopted " Return to Normalcy " as its slogan.
  13. Other squirrels have appeared on baseball playing fields from time to time, occasionally interrupting play or gaining minor press notice.
  14. This poise and lack of pretense is impressive in someone who's been getting the kind of press notices Elise has.
  15. Press notice was attracted after the U . S . government agency 18F analyzed their own software according to this metric.
  16. According to its press notices, Elvis wines are in 25 states ( includes California ) and run around $ 12 a bottle.
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