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  1. Now you're ready to put your computer presentation together.
  2. But the CD doesn't work as a multimedia presentation.
  3. Yet even more damaging to Rowland was the Mohegans'presentation.
  4. Weinberg adopts a mode of presentation akin to Bach's.
  5. Reamer said during a presentation at the Boston Security Analysts Society.
  6. It's difficult to find presentation in a sentence.
  7. She said the company made a presentation to investors last week.
  8. Sahara will discuss and demonstrate all these techniques in his presentation.
  9. Canadian government bonds were little changed after Landry's presentation.
  10. After the initial introductions, Ms . Strilowich began her presentation.
  11. Ways to achieve this were tested last summer in showcase presentations.
  12. He made perfect, self-deprecating jokes and gracious presentations.
  13. Anadolu Honda said in a slide presentation at the press conference.
  14. Chief Executive Geoffrey Bible told analysts at a presentation June 13.
  15. Still, those were feature presentations in an otherwise languid summer.
  16. At the medal presentation, the loudest cheers came for Strug.
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