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  1. Hooker said in a presentation to the UMass board of trustees.
  2. Q : What kind of material lends itself to multimedia presentation?
  3. Her graceful, stunning beauty added to her vivacious concert presentation.
  4. Rushdie accepted the honor several years ago in a videotaped presentation.
  5. "Rollins'whole presentation was in pretty bad taste.
  6. It's difficult to find presentation in a sentence.
  7. The idea is to put money into food, not presentation.
  8. It is hard to separate the performances from the video presentations.
  9. One is the presentation of Ms . Reed's budget.
  10. And in the process he has perfected the art of presentation.
  11. Will the bodyguards accompany him on the ice for a presentation?
  12. A presentation of Discovery Networks in association with Atlantic Productions . nn
  13. It doesn't pay in terms of musical presentation either.
  14. "I told myself, ` Stick to the presentation.
  15. We have made a strong presentation and are expecting a decision.
  16. The presentations are intelligent but never unintelligible to the average moviegoer.
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