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  • 邮寄功能
  • post:    n. 1.〔主英〕邮政;邮寄;(一批 ...
  • message:    n. 1.通信;口信;问候;祝词;讯 ...
  • post message command:    报文后命令
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  1. The processes of posting a message to a queue by one entity and removing the message and processing it by another entity are completely separate
  2. Sql server posts a message to the windows application event log that the assembly has been modified with unchecked data in the tables
    Sql server将消息(程序集对表中的未检查数据已修改)投递给windows应用程序事件日志。
  3. The dilemma you face when posting a message to a public forum about something and not even getting an acknowledgment of its existence
  4. From time to time declan takes time out of his busy schedule to pop on to the forum to post a message . . . this is where you will find any messages posted by declan himself
    * * *会时不时从他忙碌的日程安排中抽出时间来论坛冒个泡( . . . )留言. . .在这你可以找到一些* * *亲自发布的留言。
  5. She also posted a message to a news group that said , " quackwatch appears to be a power - hungry , misguided bunch of pseudoscientific socialistic bigots , " among other things
    她还在互联网新闻组发表了一则消息,除提到其他事情外,该消息说: “ ‘警惕庸医’看来是一帮子渴望权力、误入歧途的伪科学的社会主义顽固分子。 ”

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