possi meaning in Chinese

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  • 波西
  • 珀西
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  1. Without it modern life would not be possi ? ble
  2. The effect of tetrandrine on growth of k562 cell and its possi - ble mechanism
  3. The thesis through the discussion and investigation on the loophole of each main tax ' s collection and administration system , and introduce some possi ble ways makes improvements
  4. China is an official member of wto now , which will make it possi - ble for china to attract more foreign direct investment , and create more opportunities for chinese enterprises to make overseas investments
    我国已正式成为世界贸易组织( wto )的成员方,这将使更多的外资进入中国提供可能,同时也为中国企业到国外进行投资创造了更多的机会。
  5. Part one : the theory analysis of gem financing which includes the general theory of gem , the necessity of gem to high - tech industry and the possi bility to build china ' s gem

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