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  • [Slang]
    black person
    note: A very derogatory term referring to Blacks. This word is very common among the rural areas of the US.
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  1. One of Randal's ancestors, who was porch monkey " in front of an African American couple while working at Mooby's.
  2. Still, outside a local grocery store, two Anglo men recently called Easton Ayres, a 14-year-old African-American, a " porch monkey ."
  3. Williams sparked a huge outcry when it was reported that he said in a court deposition that he didn't consider the term " porch monkey " to be racist.
  4. In recent weeks he has been embarrassed by a Texan police chief who referred to blacks as " porch monkeys " and a health chief who despaired about Hispanics'proficiency at breeding.
  5. However, Randal did not know at that point that he used a racial slur and claimed he used the term " porch monkey " to refer to lazy people of all racial backgrounds in general.

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