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  • [Architecture]

    A small bit, 1 operated by a power drill, for cutting out plugs used to cover recessed screwheads in a hardwood floor.

  • [Design engineering]
    A device for boring out short dowels or plugs from wood that exactly match standard drill sizes.
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  1. It's a good idea to run a test first on some scrap to make sure the drill and the plug cutter are a perfect match.
  2. Run a test to be sure the plugs from the plug cutter fit with only a little tapping into the hole left by the pilot bit and screwset.
  3. Then take a scrap piece with grain that is as close to identical to the workpiece as you can find and remove a plug from it with a quarter-inch plug cutter.
  4. Basically, the best way to fill unwanted holes is to take a scrap of the same wood and, using a plug cutter in a drill press, produce plugs of the proper size.
  5. After the screw has been driven into the joint, the counterbore can be filled with an appropriately sized piece of dowel or a wooden plug cut from an offcut of the same timber using a plug cutter.

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