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  1. Hotels begin piping rock music out to their pools and beaches.
  2. They can " leak " signals like cheap pipe.
  3. The only electricity it uses produces pressurized air for the pipes.
  4. Several hours later, the repaired cooling pipe again broke loose.
  5. Bill Duncan settled back in his chair and lit his pipe.
  6. It's difficult to find pipe in a sentence.
  7. The town now pipes in its water from an adjacent valley.
  8. Englander pipes the music from his receiver directly into his stereo.
  9. Each rank consists of at least one pipe for each pitch.
  10. Nice thought, but it's become a pipe dream.
  11. They'll also cover your piping with fabric for you.
  12. The sound of the pipes would echo across the Old Course.
  13. Rabin said the bomb was a pipe filled with standard dynamite.
  14. But in the end, this may be a pipe dream.
  15. They struck a pile of what appears to be irrigation pipes,
  16. The piped music came back on, and he suddenly turned.
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