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  • n. 管路,输油管;干线,补给线。
    2.vt. 用油管输(油) (pipe line run 油管输油量)。
  • pipe:    n. 1.管,导管,筒。 2.烟斗, ...
  • line:    vt. 交尾。
  • line pipe:    管道钢管; 管系; 管线用管; 线管
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  1. Steam trap flow direction in accordance with that of the pipe line
  2. Swing check valves prevent reversal of flow through pipe lines
  3. Thermal activation analysis of dynamic fracture of pipe line steel x
  4. This may be due to inadequate initial flushing of the pipe lines
  5. Fuel oil pipe line - solenoid valves

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