piggy in a sentence

"piggy" meaning  "piggy" in Chinese  
  1. "Miss Piggy " and " fatso ."
  2. This little piggy very nearly didn't make it to market.
  3. Miss Piggy likes to eat hazelnuts and loves the smell of them.
  4. We need more people to carry their piggy banks to the bank.
  5. Fichter says the new economy is redefining the piggy bank.
  6. It's difficult to find piggy in a sentence.
  7. Fresh-cut mullet, piggy perch or shrimp are good baits.
  8. Volunteers bearing cardboard piggy banks trolled the crowd for donations.
  9. But the piggyback plan did not help the piggy bank.
  10. And finally, this little piggy went back to work.
  11. Poole liked his little wooden piggy so much that he made more.
  12. The psychology built up that housing was the super piggy-bank.
  13. Q : What is the origin of the piggy bank?
  14. I just want the other kids to stop calling me Miss Piggy.
  15. They " used Adelphia as their private piggy bank,"
  16. Piggy's Lonely Hearts Club Comic, " by Stephan Pastis.
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