piggy in a sentence

"piggy" meaning  "piggy" in Chinese  
  1. Audrey goes to shower but is attacked by the Piggy Man.
  2. This is no small matter, no tempest in a piggy bank.
  3. His teammates called him Piggy and the reason was obvious.
  4. Let's not make it a piggy bank for the wealthy.
  5. -- " Piggies " : Children wear pig masks.
  6. It's difficult to find piggy in a sentence.
  7. Yes, Miss Piggy has been after Kermit the Frog for years.
  8. _Where Babe is gentle, Miss Piggy is bombastic.
  9. _Where Babe is forgiving, Miss Piggy is vengeful.
  10. _Where Babe is generous, Miss Piggy hordes treasure.
  11. Afterward, he stole the girl's piggy bank.
  12. Miss Piggy tapped 40 of her famous friends for a few recipes.
  13. These little piggies went to market, but long ago.
  14. Like Miss Piggy and her indignant " Moi ?,"
  15. She, too, listed the piggy-backed home equity loan.
  16. It's called " piggy-back promotion ."
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