pertain meaning in Chinese

[ pə(:)'tein ] Pronunciation:   "pertain" in a sentence   "pertain" meaning
  • vi.
    1.附属,属于 (to)。
    2.关于,有关 (to)。
    3.适合,相配 (to)。
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  1. When one manages upward, none of these clear and unambiguous symbols pertains .
  2. Eustatic change is pertaining to worldwide changes of sea level that affect all the oceans .
  3. We shall present certain introductory notions that pertain to finite deformation in this chapter .
  4. Strictly speaking, the classical definition of thixotropy pertains only to those fluids that exhibit reversible structural changes .
  5. Some of these conditions also pertain to midwestern grain farms, which are larger than family farms in the mixed-farming areas .

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