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  • Noun: periodontal disease
    1. A disease that attacks the gum and bone and around the teeth
      - periodontitis

    Derived forms: periodontal diseases

    Type of: disease

    Encyclopedia: Periodontal disease

  • [Medicine]
    n : any disease (as gingivitis or periodontitis) affecting the periodontium


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  1. general situation and prospect of traditional chinese medicine therapy for periodontal disease
  2. periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial condition associated with receding gums and tooth loss
  3. periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus by dr w keung leung, associate professor in periodontology
  4. after sometime, toxins released by bacteria in the plaque irritate the gum and cause inflammation, leading to periodontal disease
  5. the early signs of periodontal disease are redness and swelling of the gingivae which often bleed easily especially upon tooth brushing

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