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  • Noun: periodontal disease
    1. A disease that attacks the gum and bone and around the teeth
      - periodontitis

    Derived forms: periodontal diseases

    Type of: disease

    Encyclopedia: Periodontal disease

  • [Medicine]
    n : any disease (as gingivitis or periodontitis) affecting the periodontium


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  1. most people with lung abscess will be found to have periodontal disease.
  2. in persons over 35, periodontal disease causes the loss of more teeth than does dental caries, or decay.
  3. since periodontal disease results in loss of both bone and periodontal ligament, the tooth gradually wobbles in its socket.
  4. periodontal disease is disease of the gums
  5. relationship research between periodontal disease and pre-term low birth weight

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