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  • [Medicine]
    Localized circumscribed purulent area of inflammation in the periodontal tissue. It is a derivative of marginal periodontitis and commonly associated with suprabony and infrabony pockets and interradicular involvements,in contrast to periapical abscess which is attributable to pulp necrosis.


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  1. Occlusal overload may also be involved in the development of a periodontal abscess, but this is rare and usually in combination with other factors.
  2. The management following the acute phase involves removing any residual infection, and correcting the factors that lead to the formation of the periodontal abscess.
  3. Since periodontal abscesses frequently involve anaerobic bacteria, oral antibiotics such as amoxicillin, clindamycin ( in penicillin allergy or pregnancy ) and / or metronidazole are given.
  4. She was forced to evacuate her route in Mongolia in 2011 after developing a periodontal abscess, but returned to her exact location when she recovered and continued the journey.
  5. The occurrence of a periodontal abscess usually indicates advanced periodontal disease, which requires correct management to prevent recurrent abscesses, including daily cleaning below the gumline to prevent the buildup of subgingival plaque and calculus.

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