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  • [Medicine]
    Localized circumscribed purulent area of inflammation in the periodontal tissue. It is a derivative of marginal periodontitis and commonly associated with suprabony and infrabony pockets and interradicular involvements,in contrast to periapical abscess which is attributable to pulp necrosis.


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  1. The next most common form of odontogenic infection is the periodontal abscess.
  2. Periodontal abscesses are less common than apical abscesses, but are still frequent.
  3. The initial management of a periodontal abscess involves pain relief and control of the infection.
  4. Over-tightening of braces can cause periodontal pain and, occasionally, a periodontal abscess.
  5. In contrast to a periapical abscess, periodontal abscesses are usually associated with a vital ( living ) tooth.

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