pen in a sentence

"pen" meaning  "pen" in Chinese  
  1. He took up the pen while he was in the pen.
  2. I was not allowed to use pen and paper until 1980.
  3. 9 ) Pen Howie's columns in the Boston Herald.
  4. Pens, pads and drinking water remain luxuries in Bronx offices.
  5. Most prominent were the glintings from the pen of William Safire.
  6. It's difficult to find pen in a sentence.
  7. John Franco and Dave Mlicki were warming up in the pen.
  8. Margins at its Parker and Paper Mate pens business have improved.
  9. Le Pen has said some two million immigrants should be expelled.
  10. They cover everything from ball-point pens to window washing.
  11. And a leaky old pen; got my pockets all inky.
  12. Typically, they are small and done in pen and ink.
  13. The cuts were killed by President Clinton's veto pen.
  14. For most people, dropping a pen is an inconsequential event.
  15. Because if you do, you gotta put your pen down.
  16. "I didn't look back at our pen.
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