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  1. The investigations will center around six members of the Pemuda Pancasila, who on Dec . 7 stormed the office of Suara Timor Timur, an independent daily newspaper.
  2. Called Pemuda Batak Berwalkman ( Young Batak Man with Walkman ), it is by painter Heri Dono and part of his collection Wayang Legenda ( Legendary Puppet ).
  3. Magelang used to have a railway track from Semarang to Yogyakarta passing at its centre ( along Jalan Pemuda ), but have since been redirected outside the city.
  4. Since then, Jalan Pemuda and Jalan Hassan were primarily used as bypass routes when the main road ( Federal Route 1 were closed during special occasions and events.
  5. Wahidin in Medan, shop owners said they had organized their own patrols, taking turns to guard their property, with the help of the Pemuda Pancasila youth organization.
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