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  1. Among Innocent I's letters is one to Jerome and another to John II, Bishop of Jerusalem, regarding annoyances to which the former had been subjected by the Pelagians at Bethlehem.
  2. This early-scholastic distinction and terminology, which developed in the controversies with the Pelagians and Semipelagians, were again emphasized by Johann Eck, the famous adversary of Martin Luther ( cf.
  3. Up to that date Julian had maintained a high reputation for ability, learning, and orthodoxy, and Mercator concludes that he must have sympathized with Innocent's condemnation of the Pelagians.
  4. Tricassin also published a commentary to several of Augustine's works to prove that Augustine calls the Pelagians heretical teachers, because they do not concede any necessity of grace for the will.
  5. Most of the numerous Augustine's arguments against the Pelagians to the effect that it was not the human infant ( God's image ) that was attacked in sufflation, but the infant's possessor, the devil.
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  7. However, after a new synodal letter of the African council of May 1, 418 to the pope, and after the steps taken by the emperor Honorius against the Pelagians, Zosimus was convinced both Caelestius and Pelagius were heretics.
  8. While the debate was given its Calvinist-Arminian form in the 17th Century, issues central to the debate have been discussed in Christianity in some form since Augustine of Hippo's disputes with the Pelagians in the 5th century.
  9. The strict moral teachings of the Pelagians were influential in southern Italy and Sicily, where they were openly preached until the death of Julian of Eclanum in 455, and in Britain until the coming of Saint Germanus of Auxerre c 429.
  10. This early-scholastic distinction and terminology, which is already recognized in concept and substance by the Fathers of the Church in their controversies with the Pelagians and Semipelagians, was again emphasized by Johann Eck, the adversary of Martin Luther.
  11. Prosper associates Palladius'appointment with the visits of Germanus of Auxerre to Britain to suppress Pelagianism and it has been suggested that Palladius and his colleagues were sent to Ireland to ensure that exiled Pelagians did not establish themselves among the Irish Christians.
  12. Strengthened by baptism, everyone possesses enough self-control to reject evil . ( In this, Pelagians drew on pagan Stoicism . ) For Augustine, such optimism was dangerously naive : human will is caught in a dark internal labyrinth of untamable compulsions.
  13. The Semi-Pelagians, after Pelagius, used the distinction to teach that " the spirit is excepted from the original sin which affected the body and soul " and that therefore, human nature is essentially good and retains genuine freedom in the will to initiate salvation.
  14. Julian attempted to recover his lost position through him, but Sixtus evidently treated him with severity, mainly at the instigation of Leo, then a presbyter, who became his successor, 440 CE . When pontiff himself, Leo showed the same spirit toward the Pelagians, especially toward Julian.
  15. Thomas Bradwardine was the archbishop of Canterbury, and his book " On the Cause of God against the Pelagians ", a bold recovery of the Pauline-Augustine doctrine of grace, would greatly shape young Wycliffe's views, as did the Black Death which reached England in the summer of 1348.
  16. We have a letter of Pope Innocent I who censures John for having allowed the Pelagians to cause a disturbance at Bethlehem and exhorts him to be more watchful over his diocese in future : this letter is dated 417, the year of the death of both John and Innocent, and it is probable that John never received it.
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