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  1. One belief labelled a heresy by the church authorities  Pelagianism  was originated by a British monk teaching in Rome : Pelagius lived 354 to 420 / 440.
  2. Julian s Pelagianism was a purifying reform movement that sought to inspire morally perfected Christians to remake Roman society from the inside out, countering its brutality and injustice.
  3. In addition, Arminianism is often misrepresented by some of its critics to include Semipelagianism or even Pelagianism, though proponents of both primary perspectives vehemently deny these claims.
  4. Soon after this, Zosimus received from Honorius against the Pelagians, Zosimus issued his " Tractoria ", in which Pelagianism and its authors were finally condemned.
  5. Augustine, shocked that Pelagius and Celestius were not denounced as heretics, called the Council of Carthage in 418 and stated nine beliefs of the Church that Pelagianism denied:
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