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  1. Molecular methods such as PCR are available in reference laboratories.
  2. The PCR dissolved soon afterward and has never been revived.
  3. Polymerase chain reaction ( PCR ) is another way to diagnose cryptosporidiosis.
  4. The PCR must be performed on each organism being tested.
  5. Polymerase chain reaction ( PCR ) has been used on tissue specimens.
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  7. The viral load as before is also measure by PCR.
  8. PCR can be used to determine sex from a human DNA sample.
  9. A greater level of PCr augments the muscles power production.
  10. The technical director ensures that all equipment in the PCR operates correctly.
  11. Multiple primer, nested PCR strategy was used to overcome those shortcomings.
  12. Quantitative PCR and DNA microarray are modern methodologies for studying gene expression.
  13. This is useful for very rare templates or PCR with high background.
  14. Another method of screening is with polymerase chain reaction ( PCR ).
  15. PCR is not inhibited by the presence of culturable organisms.
  16. Each bead was captured within its own microreactor where PCR amplification occurs.
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