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  1. In the days before he was executed for a 1980s murder of a pawn broker, Snell began making threats from his Arkansas prison of a bombing or explosion on April 19 to avenge his death, according to prison and FBI officials.
  2. In the kind of on-camera moment of truth that is the show's signature, correspondent Mike Wallace told a pawn broker, " This cop, Jack Gee, told me this morning _ he says that legalized fencing is what you people do ."
  3. Eu built his fortune by acquiring from the British, monopolies for tax or revenue farming ( opium, alcohol or spirits, gambling and pawn broking ) in Perak in the 1880s and when tin started to boom, he acquired land for mining tin.
  4. "Big business is bringing big ideas, " said Robert Wohlgemuth, who has seen decades of decline on Eighth Avenue as the proprietor of Century Pawn Brokers, near 46th Street, which his family has owned since 1939 . " I say let them build !"
  5. Asked how some of the items came to be in the small First Street store, _ which stands under a dusty awning in the shadow of the Las Vegas Club and a casino advertising " The Topless Girls of Glitter Gulch " _ the pawn broker hesitates.
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