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  1. Marriage is the best path to stability and the middle class.
  2. Churches are built along it and birds migrate along its path.
  3. I look to give back to the path I came from.
  4. The valley around the city showed the path of the bomb.
  5. Watch the river waters rise to engulf everything in their path.
  6. It's difficult to find path in a sentence.
  7. If I am elected, Russia will follow a democratic path.
  8. A prayer leader hikes along the gravel path skirting the campsites.
  9. The Fed supports bank mergers as the path to more efficiency.
  10. At first, it was the easiest path to playing time.
  11. The device is following the shuttle on the same orbital path.
  12. I have to take pride, because we opened the path.
  13. Yet Mastercard, too, has been pursuing a divergent path.
  14. Most refineries lie east of the storm's current path.
  15. Ms . Ramos, Altar Server, Prepares to Light a Path
  16. The Indians'path to this series was immensely more relaxed.
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