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  • [Electronics]
    The fundamental frequency at which an oscillator operates. It can be determined by a tuned circuit, crystal, cavity, section of waveguide or transmission line, or by a resistance-capacitance circuit.


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  1. Corresponding oscillator frequencies of the nerve cells would then refer to the same object, while other frequencies would mark other objects.
  2. That carrier and the two frequencies ( that the sweep changed between ) were generated as multiples of the same basic oscillator frequency.
  3. Both the on-board oscillator frequency ( if used ) and the PLL multiplier value may be changed at run-time.
  4. Viewed another way, the received signal frequency is doppler shifted from the oscillator frequency by the relative motion of the fuze and target.
  5. where \ omega _ { 0 } and b are constants, namely, the time-averaged oscillator frequency and damping, respectively.

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