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  • [Electronics]
    The fundamental frequency at which an oscillator operates. It can be determined by a tuned circuit, crystal, cavity, section of waveguide or transmission line, or by a resistance-capacitance circuit.


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  1. The local oscillator frequency determines what block of incoming frequencies is downconverted to the frequencies expected by the receiver.
  2. There are two choices for the local oscillator frequency because the dominant mixer products are at " f"
  3. He invented a quartz-crystal oscillator frequency standard in 1930, and patented a temperature control oven for crystal oscillators.
  4. The local oscillator frequency is switched in response to a 22 kHz signal superimposed on the supply voltage from the connected receiver.
  5. Most receivers are actually superheterodyne receivers and they leak a little of their local oscillator frequency; this can be easily detected.

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