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  1. Alternatively a spike or age related failure could have damaged or changed a component in the oscillator circuit of your clock, if it does not synchronize the the mains . talk ) 19 : 32, 12 October 2013 ( UTC)
  2. Since it produced a square wave, in contrast to the sine wave generated by most other oscillator circuits of the time, its output contained many harmonics above the fundamental frequency, which could be used for calibrating high frequency radio circuits.
  3. However, unlike the Ondes, whose oscillator is based on the theremin ( two ultra-high frequencies beating against each other, to produce a third audible frequency ), the Ondioline used a multivibrator oscillator circuit to produce its tone.
  4. In 1979, the Yashica Contax 139 Quartz ( Japan ) introduced more precise digital piezoelectric quartz ( shortly followed by ceramic ) oscillator circuits ( ultimately under digital microprocessor control ) to time and sequence its entire exposure cycle  including its vertical FP shutter.
  5. The Accutron " ( right ) ", an electromechanical watch developed by Max Hetzel and manufactured by Bulova beginning in 1960, used a 360-hertz steel tuning fork as its timekeeper, powered by electromagnets attached to a battery-powered transistor oscillator circuit.
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