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  1. The limitations in short-term stability are due mainly to noise from electronic components in the oscillator circuits.
  2. :Yes, if you already have an oscillator circuit you could replace the resistor with a slide potentiometer.
  3. The transformer is driven by a pulse or square wave for efficiency, generated by an electronic oscillator circuit.
  4. Feedback oscillator circuits can be classified according to the type of frequency selective filter they use in the feedback loop:
  5. This was followed by the 6802 which added 128 bytes of RAM and an on-chip clock oscillator circuit.
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  7. This was often accomplished by using a Hartley Oscillator circuit and taking the cathode to the tap on the coil.
  8. Or, is there a simple step for replacing a resistor in an existing oscillator circuit with the slide potentiometer?
  9. A " direct-coupled " oscillator circuit was used for generating the vibrato ( albeit with different components ).
  10. It used the Wien bridge oscillator circuit, that had been the subject of Bill Hewlett's Masters thesis.
  11. Radio frequency VCOs are usually made by adding a varactor diode to the tuned circuit or resonator in an oscillator circuit.
  12. The most notable is the single-stage crystal oscillator circuit, which became the touchstone of the electronics communication art.
  13. In place of a balance wheel which oscillated at perhaps 5 or 6 beats per second, it used a oscillator circuit.
  14. Industrial pressure transmitters used for process control use pressure-sensing diagphragms, which form a capacitor plate of an oscillator circuit.
  15. The transmitter used 16 tubes in a ring oscillator circuit ( developed at the NRL ), producing about 75 kW peak power.
  16. Like the tunnel diode, the negative resistance aspect of the lambda diode lends itself naturally to application in oscillator circuits and amplifiers.
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