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  1. A badly designed oscillator circuit may suddenly begin oscillating on an overtone.
  2. Meacham disclosed the bridge oscillator circuit shown to the right in 1938.
  3. Capacitor trimmers can be also used for frequency adjustment of the oscillator circuit.
  4. This is what makes the UJT useful, especially in simple oscillator circuits.
  5. Such resonators are often used to provide a frequency reference in an oscillator circuit.
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  7. One triode operated in a conventional oscillator circuit.
  8. The inductively-coupled oscillator circuit he invented is today known as the Meissner oscillator.
  9. I would guess something has failed in the oscillator circuit that it uses to keep time.
  10. A self-quenching oscillator circuit oscillates at two or more frequencies at the same time.
  11. To accomplish this, the oscillator circuit usually includes additional LC circuits to select the desired overtone.
  12. These are termed " overtone modes ", and oscillator circuits can be designed to excite them.
  13. The oscillator circuit rang only for a short time, causing the signal to quickly disappear again.
  14. Both of these are proportional to the RC ( or LC ) time constant of the oscillator circuit.
  15. There are many oscillator circuits and You need make Your circuit amplifing the change to make it oscillating.
  16. 1 MHz electronic oscillator circuit which uses the resonant properties of an internal quartz crystal to control the frequency.
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