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  1. John died in 1717 and is buried in St Mary Haddington where his grave is marked by a'flat ornamental stone '.
  2. It was stripped of most of its ornamental stone balconies in its refurbishment, and while remaining ornate, is visibly " scarred ".
  3. Injuries to the building were to be observed inflicted on the ornamental stone work, which could not have been the result of accident.
  4. The finer kinds of alabaster are employed largely as an ornamental stone, especially for ecclesiastical decoration and for the rails of staircases and halls.
  5. Various types of gems, ornamental stones, semi-precious stones, fancy stones, precious stones, gem stones, jewels, hardstones, shells, and art objects are described in detail.
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  7. In the southeastern corner of the park is an igneous intrusion known as the Ice River Complex containing deposits of sodalite, an ornamental stone.
  8. The two large central piers, long and wide, feature four carved, ornamental stone towers that provide stairway access to pedestrian passageways beneath the bridge.
  9. While Mark went out with friends, Josie would inject Conway with poison, and then push one of the ornamental stone balls off the roof.
  10. Slightly metamorphosed / marbolized limestone of Oligo-Miocene and pre-Tertiary age are potential for dimension and ornamental stones but production are locally limited and largely untapped.
  11. Just outside the north-western corner of the park, there is an igneous intrusion known as the Ice River Complex containing deposits of sodalite, an ornamental stone.
  12. Matthews says his device will also remove paint from any surface, including brick, cinder block, wood, plastic, window glass, and polished ornamental stone, such as marble or granite.
  13. Soda sprayers pummeling a surface with 3, 000 pounds of pressure per square inch can etch underlying surfaces, and, in the case of ornamental stone, require costly repolishing.
  14. Valuable items, such as pectoral necklaces ( decorative breastplates ), gold crowns, ornamental stone beads, earrings, sets of dishes and iconographies of people were discovered in the burial area.
  15. Large quantities of building and ornamental stone are quarried from the granite ledges found in the center of town which is shipped to almost every section of New England.
  16. It was often worked or carved in a variety of ways, either as ornamental stones, a medium upon which hieroglyphs were inscribed, or shaped into figurines, weapons, and other objects.
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