on ground in a sentence

"on ground" in Chinese  
  1. The train will be on ground level as well as elevated.
  2. Throughout the video, Lee is never filmed on ground level.
  3. The first was caused by the water tower on grounds malfunctioning.
  4. South Cardiff Panthers'David James was awarded best on ground.
  5. Both the fin and the tailplane are adjustable when on ground.
  6. It's difficult to find on ground in a sentence.
  7. They also provided many reconnaissance flights and attacks on ground targets.
  8. However, Subbarayalu Reddiar resigned soon afterwards on grounds of health.
  9. Enraght refused to attend his own trial on grounds of conscience.
  10. On grounds of this being a potential nightmare to unravel afterwards.
  11. Khi阭 was ruled unfit for trial on grounds of mental incompetence.
  12. Their opposition was based solely on grounds of racial discrimination ."
  13. NASA has issued a contract to model supersonic boom on ground.
  14. It is sSometimes seen on ground due to fragmentation by wind.
  15. But Garcia was actually deported on grounds that he held dual citizenship.
  16. It faces a court challenge on grounds that it's unconstitutional.
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