on ground in a sentence

"on ground" in Chinese  
  1. Spray them on ground vegetation, on tall bushes and trees.
  2. His job offer was summarily withdrawn on grounds of inappropriate behavior.
  3. He struck out one and got six outs on ground balls.
  4. They saw 14 of their 24 outs recorded on ground balls.
  5. Both activists were arrested Monday on grounds of endangering national security.
  6. It's difficult to find on ground in a sentence.
  7. But the success of this approach depends heavily on ground rules.
  8. Group is considering filing EEOC complaint on grounds of religious discrimination.
  9. First baseman Eric Karros made two sharp plays on ground balls.
  10. Norquist also objects to conservation easements on grounds of social equity.
  11. Got him out one time on ground ball to first base.
  12. They are walking on ground no American team has ever known.
  13. Honecker and two others were excused on grounds of ill health.
  14. Batista went on to score on ground out on Jose Vizcaino.
  15. The match will resume on Friday, depending on ground conditions.
  16. The pair were given early release on grounds of good behavior.
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