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  1. Moon is in Minnesota and the Oilers are nowhere without him.
  2. Moon led the Oilers to the playoffs the last seven years.
  3. The Oilers are averaging only 13.3 points per game.
  4. The Oilers occasionally will use two tight ends and two backs.
  5. Slaughter accused the Oilers of not playing him to save money.
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  7. The Oilers have beaten Seattle in four straight at the Astrodome.
  8. The Chiefs must do more than beat the Oilers, however.
  9. The Oilers closed last season against the Jets at the Astrodome.
  10. Eddy was the Houston Oilers'defensive coordinator at the time.
  11. They have different views on how the Oilers should handle McNair.
  12. He opened training camp in San Antonio with the Houston Oilers.
  13. Maybe it was the flowering of the Oilers and the Cowboys.
  14. A strong showing against the Oilers could make them feel better.
  15. He played the last two seasons with the Oilers and Cardinals.
  16. It might not matter because the Oilers'offense is hurting.
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