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  1. Tuesday, it was the former Oiler and Ram Tony Zendejas.
  2. The Oilers will pour throw it and then pour it on.
  3. Houston Oilers owner Bud Adams just did last week with Nashville.
  4. Both the Oilers and the Astros currently play in the Astrodome.
  5. The Oilers defense has 18 interceptions, which leads the AFC.
  6. It's difficult to find oiler in a sentence.
  7. Comments : The Oilers are 4-0 against the Jets.
  8. Either way, the Oilers have more steam than the Jets.
  9. Those Oilers teams were among the highest scoring in NHL history.
  10. He was referring to Bud Adams, the Oilers'owner.
  11. The Oilers are leaving a largely apathetic Houston market for Nashville.
  12. He had been in the NFL playoffs with the Houston Oilers.
  13. Saturday, the easy part was being an Oilers goal scorer.
  14. Adams, and the Oilers paying the remaining $ 5 million.
  15. Included are the Oilers, whom they face at Giants Stadium.
  16. BU coach Jack Parker suspected Grier might stick with the Oilers.
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