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[ ɔ:f, ɔf ] Pronunciation:   "off" in a sentence   "off" meaning
  • adv.
    1.〔运动〕向那边,隔开。 be off 走,去,逃。 I must be off. 我得走了。 Where are you off to 你去哪里? fly off 飞去。 go off 走掉 〔cf. O- you go! 滚!〕。 run off 跑掉。
    2.〔移动〕离开,脱掉 (opp. on)。 beat off 打退(敌人)。 put off 延期。 ward off an attack 挡开攻击。 come off 脱落,(柄)脱掉。 g+More...
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  1. This sprang will finish off the insects .
  2. He cut off a meter of cloth from the roll .
  3. The first numbness had passed off .
  4. The paper was beginning to peel off the walls .
  5. She bundled her son off to school .

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