oa in a sentence

  1. Individual OA meetings and sponsors may make more detailed suggestions.
  2. I'm the author of the Original Article ( OA ).
  3. After the agents leave, Rob attends the OA meeting.
  4. She joined the chorus of Opera Australia ( OA ) in 1983.
  5. OA flight staff now wear uniforms designed by Celia Kritharioti.
  6. It's difficult to find oa in a sentence.
  7. Oa and Krona are forced into the sun and both are annihilated.
  8. CMC OA is the most common form of OA affecting the hand.
  9. CMC OA is the most common form of OA affecting the hand.
  10. The first, CRS OA-10E on June 2018.
  11. ACM adopted a hybrid Open Access ( OA ) publishing model in 2013.
  12. This enabled him to travel more easily from Hiva-Oa to Tahiti.
  13. Gardner plays a significant role in defeating the Spider Guild attack on Oa.
  14. In 1986, there were strikes at OA, and financial losses mounted.
  15. Universo tries to take his ring, but it flies off to Oa.
  16. Soon after, Gardner goes to Oa to investigate.
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