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  1. This Friday's he's wearing a T-shirt that says " Hawaii " and nubbly cotton pants with yellow, white and brown stripes.
  2. There were a lot of long, fullish dark skirts here, but the slim pants somehow looked more relevant for today, especially with a nubbly-knit pullover.
  3. His rugged Himalayan hikers wore nubbly weaves, large, floppy trousers, Pakistani-style ethnic shiny scarves, great jacquard sweaters, and sturdy brogues with shiny nail heads.
  4. But there were gorgeous scraps of bright silk and nubbly wool to be plucked from that bag in the first half of the evening, which brought the program into the 1950s.
  5. Fabrics were the latest, with ostrich feathers stuffed into nubbly white tweeds, many effects with copper threads that almost translated into cotton-candy weaves, and shimmery mermaid looks.
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  7. This time around they trot out the cropped T-shirt tops that cling to nipples on the models, many striped hipster pants, new and nubbly knits for shortie dresses in flaming colors.
  8. If you like the young jeans look, Lacroix's is colorful with tweedy, lumberjack-style tops, high-quality denim jeans in various colors, nubbly textures and stylish lumberjack plaids.
  9. The book moves on to more substantial fare, like polenta cakes with mushroom ragout, seared salmon showered with oil-infused herbs, asparagus cheese puffs and a dessert tart with a nubbly cornmeal texture.
  10. Celery root has a thick, nubbly skin that has to be scraped away; the yellowish-white flesh within will turn rusty brown unless it is immersed in water with something acidic like lemon added.
  11. At that very moment, crossing my own reflection was the fleeting image of a young woman behind me _ a sinuous figure with hair piled high and spike heels, swathed in crushed velvet and nubbly chenille.
  12. Fisherman's vests with all sorts of pockets, bright nubbly cotton shirts and khaki trousers have proliferated to the point where many Tokyoites look as if they're about to take off for a weekend in Vermont.
  13. These days, Provence is, with the Perigord region of France, Umbria in Italy and parts of northern Spain, a prime source for the distinctively fragrant, nubbly black truffles, which remain in season until the end of March.
  14. In five minutes, the needle is gone, and Vixen, a plastic pouch of blood lighter, is reclined on a nubbly white mat, slurping dog food from a plastic bowl and relishing the praise of a small group of admirers.
  15. Tuscan Square's countryside is inhabited by people who take shelter under $ 65 farmer's umbrellas, wear $ 650 coats in nubbly Casentino wool, and bathe in fig-or grape-scented foam ( $ 18 to $ 38 ), all bearing the Tuscan Square label.
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