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"not" meaning  "not" in Chinese  
  1. But losing was not the worst thing that happened here Monday.
  2. Not much changes, and I thought we handled it well.
  3. Not least among them is that merger is an excellent idea.
  4. Lamoriello did not comment on the terms of the offer sheet.
  5. It was a dramatic game, but not a close game.
  6. It's difficult to find not in a sentence.
  7. No . 1, I look not to fall into traps,
  8. More likely than not, the editor participated in the operation.
  9. Non-citizens are not accorded equal economic and political rights.
  10. But to the Petersens, they're not damaged goods.
  11. That may not sound all that bullish, but it is.
  12. But it's not that way any more ."
  13. The push for extra aid does not work, he said.
  14. Flights are not permitted to land in crosswinds exceeding 30 knots.
  15. Those that do not qualify will be sent back to Haiti.
  16. "I'm not ready for that right now.
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