not in position in a sentence

"not in position" in Chinese  
  1. "I'm not in position to demand anything.
  2. "We're not in position to panic,"
  3. "But they're not in positions where they would be because of . . . male dominating " society.
  4. "It's very much the trend that the U . N . is not in position to do peace enforcement.
  5. When Giacomo Leone of Italy made his move to win, Kagwe was not in position to go with him.
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  7. And that means that many companies are not in position to take advantage of the situation by raising prices.
  8. This type of organization may have minority members within the workforce, but not in positions of leadership and power.
  9. Of the three bars, one was not in position, another had nuts and bolts missing, and two were fractured.
  10. The finance committee concluded it was not in position to make an appropriate report to the clubs on Friday.
  11. What I see are some calls being made by people who are not in position to make the call,
  12. And he is not in position to make as much impact in Dallas, either, as he did in San Francisco.
  13. I'm not in position right now to make any assessments, but I was not very pleased with our performance today.
  14. They were not in position to defend because the royal treasuries had been sucked dry and no armies were available.
  15. The New Zealand Brigade met with heavy machine-gun fire and were not in position to attack until 15 : 00.
  16. Smith said in the statement that he was not in position " to discuss future NASCAR Winston Cup dates ."
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