not in position in a sentence

"not in position" in Chinese  
  1. The Kings are not in position to talk right now.
  2. We are not in position to go out and produce white lists and black lists,
  3. Note that the quarterback in this formation is not in position to receive the snap.
  4. "If we're not in position to compete in a market that's moving toward total liberalization,"
  5. We just were not in position to do anything,
  6. It's difficult to find not in position in a sentence.
  7. We are not in position to object to it.
  8. Not in position or reputation or even potential but in approach : tireless and cerebral.
  9. Other NATO officials described Primakov as being more flexible in tone but not in position.
  10. Also, they tended to be expensive, and women typically were not in position to do anything.
  11. We are not in position to precisely predict when we will reach the magic 2 percent,
  12. "If you don't develop a Carl Pavano, you're not in position to trade for Pedro Martinez.
  13. We're not in position to allow that freedom.
  14. The Suns, however, are not in position to bid on the big-time free agents this summer.
  15. It's important that the government is not in position of forcing someone through the church door ."
  16. He was not in position and was out of range and could not have shot Robert Kennedy,
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