not in our name in a sentence

  1. About 20 young people outside a university building chanted " Stop the occupation " and held up banners saying " Osama Bu $ h Laden " and " Not in our name ."
  2. The result of the debate was "'weak-consensus to delete "', but I don't forsee any objections to someone writing a section on this in the Not in Our Name article.
  3. "It can be hard to get people to come out to a protest march, " said Kinberg, an organizer with the anti-war group Not In Our Name . " But going to the movie seems safer.
  4. The evening event, billed as a peace vigil _ with the theme " War _ Not in Our Name " _ drew many of its participants from the large community of foreign non-governmental workers in Cambodia.
  5. But until more people install the proper tools and come to expect signatures, PGP won't help Clark Kissinger, who found anti-Israeli messages sent under his anti-war petition drive, Not in Our Name.
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  7. In 2015 Alisha Sufit contributed two tracks to the anti-war pro-peace Not In Our Name CD ( album )  a song entitled Mr Blair and a poem entitled Bliar, the latter read by David Erdos.
  8. ""'Not in Our Name CD " "'is a pro-peace album in support of the victims of the Iraq War featuring jazz, folk and classical music, songs and poetry.
  9. "Not in Our Name : ` Dead Men Walking'_ The Concert, " a fund-raiser at the Shrine Auditorium here on Sunday night, was a rarity in the world of pop and rock benefits.
  10. Another anti-war group, Not in Our Name, called on workers to call out sick and business owners to close up shop Wednesday as part of a " national moratorium to stop the war on Iraq ."
  11. The march and rally were organized by New York Not in Our Name, a coalition of more than 100 groups, many of them formed in the past three weeks, said Leslie Cagan, one of the event's organizers.
  12. After reviewing some of the comments and checking into it a little deeper I would like to withdraw the AFD and say this should be maerged into the Not in our Name article Aeon 04 : 26, 14 April 2006 ( UTC)
  13. "The city's denial of Central Park must be called for what it is : the chilling move of an emerging police state, " said Tanya Mayo, an organizer for Not in Our Name, an anti-war group.
  14. Pikser cut his activist teeth at Oberlin College, where he was a leading opponent of the Vietnam War, and was one of the authors and organizers of the Not in Our Name Statement of Conscience opposing the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.
  15. Sunday's demonstrations were organized by the Not in Our Name coalition, a group that includes prominent intellectuals, civil rights activists, authors, actors and others, among them Noam Chomsky, Gloria Steinem, Russell Banks, Susan Sarandon and Edward Said.
  16. The group, traveling from London to Baghdad in a convoy led by two double-decker buses with " Not in our name " written across the front, were granted the visas at Iraq's embassy in Ankara, said Tolga Temuge.
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