not in our name in a sentence

  1. In 2005 she arranged the music for and performed on Charlie Haden's latest Liberation Music Orchestra tour and recording, " Not in Our Name ".
  2. A mention of this " tribunal " may be warranted under the listed sponsor Not In Our Name, but the Commission itself is not notable enough for its own article.
  3. Starting this week, he'll take a month off to co-curate a New York art exhibit, " A Statement of Conscience " for Not in Our Name.
  4. Organizers _ their effort centered on a Web site called " Not in Our Name " _ hoped to spark protests in at least two dozen cities Saturday and Sunday.
  5. It was one of dozens of anti-war rallies across the country organized by the Not in Our Name Project, a grassroots group opposing a range of Bush administration actions.
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  7. Another anti-war group, Not in Our Name, called on workers to call out sick and business owners to close up shop Wednesday to protest a war with Iraq.
  8. "There's a good chance we won't be able to stop it, " said Kate Pearson, a Chicago organizer at Not in Our Name.
  9. "Not in Our Name " or simply " Peace " marched to the edge of the Rota Naval and Air Base in southwest Spain amid tight security.
  10. The event was organized by Not in Our Name, which has a Web site ( www . notinourname . net ) and a CD with the same title, by Saul Williams.
  11. In 1998 she was a featured performer in the Dead Man Walking benefit concert series raising money for Sister Helen Prejean's " Not in Our Name " anti-death penalty organization.
  12. He is a member of Not In Our Name, an anti-Zionist group and has participated each week since the mid 2000s in a picket of Chapters Indigo bookstore on Bay Street.
  13. About 500 protesters took part in demonstrations late Wednesday afternoon that drew mostly members of non-governmental activist organizations including Greenpeace, Not in Our Name, and Catholics for the Right to Decide.
  14. The website took its name from a June 2005 article by feminist activist Aura Bogado, who protested the promotion of Flynt's support by the anti-war group Not in Our Name.
  15. PABAAH was formed by Jon Alvarez ( born April 11, 1966 ) in reaction to the " Not in Our Name " Internet petition against the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which included many celebrity signatures.
  16. The group marched through the park carrying banners emblazoned with slogans in Chinese, English and Spanish, some of them reading " Not in our name, " and " No War ."
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