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  1. She may well have heard Jesus from the top of the tree, advising her to seek legal redress, but she was in fact 26 years old, not 18, and already pregnant by the man she would marry only three years later.
  2. Third, on Feb . 1, 1998, the age limit on a youth passport changed again, and young people may use a renewal form rather than a new-passport form if they got their previous passports when they were at least 16 _ not 18.
  3. BTW, the article you linked to says it's every 24 months, not 18 and also says the computing power for the same price doubles every 2 years, not that the same computing power can be had for half the price every 24 months.
  4. Laverty asserted that this was " censorship " and " class prejudice " because he got a lot of information to write his scenario from people around Scotland, many of whom were not 18, and were therefore denied the opportunity to see the film.
  5. Paco's forced striptease would later lead to the release of a PEGI 16-rated version of the game, something that shocked and annoyed de Fondaumi鑢e  who believed the scene was not 18-worthy, and expected the finger scene over the striptease might need to be cut.
  6. It's difficult to find not 18 in a sentence.
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