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"noise" meaning  "noise" in Chinese  
  1. "I like the noise, " he said.
  2. UNDATED : There simply is too much noise in the air.
  3. We stop at a noise that resembles a dog scratching fleas.
  4. Shure introduced the first modern noise-canceling microphone in 1937.
  5. Neighbors complained to the police about the noise they were making.
  6. It's difficult to find noise in a sentence.
  7. The air was filled with the deafening noise of jackhammers jackhammering.
  8. "I will make noise, " he said.
  9. Later, Borsky joined the Noise Research Laboratory at Columbia University.
  10. When the water is on, the noise is too loud.
  11. In matching food with shows, the noise factor is crucial.
  12. There was so much noise, he could hardly hear anything,
  13. The balcony had a city view, but nonstop traffic noise.
  14. De La Hoya's corner actually made noise Friday night.
  15. "I don't need the noise ."
  16. You have to filter out the noise and find the signal.
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