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"noise" meaning  "noise" in Chinese  
  1. For an hour, I saw my music erase that noise.
  2. The noise soon quieted into the fade of another Yankee debacle.
  3. But there was some noise from people demonstrating against Iliescu outside.
  4. Would reduce the allowable noise levels of motor vehicle audio systems.
  5. These personal calls are background noise that you should block out.
  6. It's difficult to find noise in a sentence.
  7. But they want to really talk about noise, about pollution.
  8. If not, you're just making noise ."
  9. Its very name is synonymous with a loud, rude noise.
  10. Many of the Pequots believe the crunching is a joyful noise.
  11. I just wish governments would be as strict with noise control,
  12. They are full of soot and traffic, noise and claustrophobia.
  13. There was noise from hammering and the running of heavy machinery.
  14. Any noise you would make he would want to record it.
  15. Moderately loud noise in the workplace similarly increased risk 50 percent.
  16. Then I'm going to make some noise ."
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