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  1. Designers also addressed making the aircraft less visible to the naked eye, controlling radio transmissions, and noise abatement.
  2. Today, we have a whole department and they get involved in everything _ construction, industrial development, noise abatement.
  3. The most promising forms of aircraft noise abatement are through land planning, flight operations restrictions and residential soundproofing.
  4. The ACT Government commissioned a consultants report which estimated the cost of noise abatement measures at $ 300, 000.
  5. Departures from 2L ( normally during Santa Ana wind conditions ) are not affected by these noise abatement procedures.
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  7. Once it arrived in Vancouver, the plane could not leave Wednesday night because of the city's noise abatement law.
  8. Changes to the existing plan amounted to ?2 billion in excess of the legal requirements for noise abatement.
  9. The regulatory authority might require that the line circumvent residential districts in the interests of noise abatement and safety.
  10. The formula included comparison with the cost of known noise abatement, like when airports buy houses in flight paths.
  11. It strikes a balance between terrain and obstacle avoidance, noise abatement ( if necessary ), and airspace management considerations.
  12. From 1974-1975, she was a researcher with the Noise Abatement Project of the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation in Vancouver.
  13. Peter Wakeham, director of Britain's Noise Abatement Society, said funds for mapping could better be spent soundproofing thin-walled homes.
  14. At 16 : 10 ( 90 seconds ), Key commenced a standard noise abatement procedure which involved reducing engine power.
  15. It has a listing of 100 companies providing services on sewage treatment, noise abatement, pollution control and Environmental Impact Assessment.
  16. One week before the performance was to take place, it was cancelled due to noise abatement orders from local authorities.
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