no payment meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "no payment" in a sentence
  • 拒绝付款
  • no:    no. =number.
  • payment:    n. 1.支付;缴纳;付款额,报酬; ...
  • in payment for:    付价款
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  1. We herein authorize ccii to exhibit , publish , or use the entry ( entries ) submitted . the information we have supplied is all correct . there is no payment involved
  2. Payment methods will be listed on your invoice . please note that no payments will be accepted by the school of languages , cultures and linguistics school office
  3. Sitting tenants can continue to apply for loans to purchase flats in the private market , or to purchase flats in the secondary hos market for which no payment of premium is required
  4. As per our instructions on site no further works are to be conducted on this project until further notice as no payments for any further works on this project will be entertained
  5. The payment will be made from the net profit of the hkirc over a number of years , and no payment will be required for a year if the hkirc does not make a profit in that year

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