no bias in a sentence

"no bias" in Chinese  
  1. Some Christian academics who have seen the film see no bias, however.
  2. Nevada officials assured Trinidad and Co . there would be no bias.
  3. In short is the article clear, concise, and informative with no bias.
  4. And to think that no bias exists in reliable sources is naive.
  5. For the upper ( Argo ) plot, there is no bias apparent.
  6. It's difficult to find no bias in a sentence.
  7. Only a foolish journalist would say : " I have no biases.
  8. Therefore, there is no bias or disadvantage for one group over the other.
  9. As the list implies, there is no bias as to style or medium.
  10. "We have no bias against the American military, " he said.
  11. The minutes said there was no bias either way in policy.
  12. Such claims infuriate the police, who say they bear no bias.
  13. A jury is supposed to be people who have no biases.
  14. Shapiro said he saw no bias against Jewish students in Princeton's admissions procedures.
  15. And one of those surgeons argued that there was no bias.
  16. There's no bias in this article, just a reporting of facts and views.
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