no bearing on in a sentence

"no bearing on" in Chinese  
  1. :Frankly, this has no bearing on the case.
  2. The highlight of the season had no bearing on the season standings.
  3. Take extraneous discussion elswhere, it has no bearing on this discussion.
  4. Also being on a payroll or not has no bearing on employment.
  5. This has no bearing on the value of the story.
  6. It's difficult to find no bearing on in a sentence.
  7. It has no bearing on how actual devices might look or work.
  8. The king has no bearing on how the other men may move.
  9. :* I respectfully disagree that reviews have no bearing on notability.
  10. Which they have has no bearing on the quality of the institution.
  11. Suspending the act . . . will have no bearing on this situation.
  12. The settlement should have no bearing on those proceedings.
  13. The laws of probability have little or no no bearing on everyday life.
  14. It had no bearing on her making the final.
  15. That change had no bearing on the present case.
  16. It has no bearing on his service in office,
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